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Loyal Portucal

<transcy>Olive Oil and Cruet Set "Retrato"</transcy>

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The "Retrato" set includes:

  • A bottle of Azeite Castelo do Marvão Olive Oil 500ml
  • 400ml Ceramic Cruet by the brand Companhia Atlântica

A gift that highlights the Mediterranean culture - olive oil is an unavoidable element of Portuguese gastronomy. These two products innovate the traditional through contemporary design and exceptional product quality.

The Azeite Castelo do Marvão Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the São Mamede Mountain Natural Park in the North of Alentejo and comes from the manual harvesting of Galician olives. This is a Galician Olive Oil with a mature note of 4.1, bitter 2.6 and spicy 2.1. Maximum acidity 0.4%.

Nutritional Information (per 100ml): Energy: 3421kj/821kcal; Lipids: 91.2G of which: Saturated Fatty Acids 13.1G; Carbohydrates: 0G of which: Sugars: 0G, Proteins: 0G, Salt: 0G; Peroxides Index (mEQ ø2/KG) <= 2ø; Waxes   (MG/KG) <= 15°; Absorbance  in Ultraviolet K232 <= 2,øø / K27ø <= ø,2ø;Delta K <= ø,ø1.

Dimensions: 500ml glass bottle with measuring cap, height = 20.5cm; base diameter = 7.5 cm

The Cª Atlantica "Breezy" Cruet is produced in Portugal. It is a ceramic piece with a blue-grey glaze, with a metal and cork dispenser. This cruet is made of traditionally Portuguese materials with a modern, minimalist design.

Dimensions: Ceramic 400ml bottle with metal dispenser and cork insert, height = 22cm; base diameter = 8.5cm


Shipping Dimensions: 10cm x 20cm x 20cm (height x length x width)