The best that Portugal has to offer

Loyal Portucal was created to promote the best that Portugal has to offer, from design, fine arts and gastronomy, highlighting lesser known local artists, artisans and producers, contributing to a differentiated, innovative and genuine offer.

  • Original Ceramics

    Loyal Portucal original ceramic pieces are handmade by the ceramist Olema.

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  • <transcy>Portuguese Brands</transcy>

    Through partnerships with other Portuguese brands, Loyal Portucal intends to highlight the best of artisanal, artistic and gastronomic production, as well as support small businesses.

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  • Sustainability

    All Loyal Portugal packaging is plastic-free and uses more sustainable materials such as cardboard, paper and metal.

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Meet the artist

Born in Mirandela, Olema currently lives in Vila Nova de Gaia, where she has her own studio. (...) Her utilitarian and decorative pieces use experimental glazing techniques, using fabrics and crystals to create very original effects. (...) For the first original Loyal Portucal collection, the artist developed three original pieces.

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