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Loyal Portucal

<transcy>Set for Tapas "Encontro"</transcy>

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  • 1 large ceramic board
  • 1 small ceramic board
  • 1 long-curing sheep's cheese from Alentejo from Queijaria Sapata
  • 1 Cutipol Gourmet Cheese Knife

The "Encontro" tapas set includes two handamde boards by the ceramist Olema. There are two options, stripes or dots. Each set includes a large board and a small board, glazed in celadon green and pearl rose, with a 100% leather decorative cord made in the EU. To tease your appetite, we've also included an award-winning cured cheese from the renowned Queijaria Sapata and a cheese knife from Cutipol.

An ideal gift for a Christmas dinner or for any dinner party with friends, which will surprise and evoke the best that Portuguese cuisine has to offer.


Cured Sheep's Cheese - Extended Cure | 160g

Cured product, from hard to semi-hard paste, obtained by slow depletion of the curd after the coagulation of raw sheep's milk, by the action of the rennet.

Ingredients: Raw Sheep Milk, salt and rennet.
Keep in a cool, dry place.
Valid for consumption for 12 months.

Nutritional Information per 100g: Energy 357Kcal 1479KJ, Lipids 29.2g of which saturated 19.6g, Carbohydrates 3g of which sugars < 0.5g, Proteins 20.3g, Salt 1.28g .



Small board: height ≈ 1.5cm; length ≈ 20cm; width ≈ 7cm.

Large board: height ≈ 1.5cm; length ≈ 25cm; width ≈ 16cm.

Cured Cheese: 160g;

 Cheese Knife: molybdenium vanadium steel blade 7cm; 11.5cm resin handle.

 Shipping Dimensions: 10cm x 30cm x 20cm (height x length x width)


NOTE: The ceramic pieces are handcrafted by a local artist. They may show slight differences compared to the photographed piece, as well as small artisanal "defects". Each piece is unique and there is a small number of units available.