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Loyal Portucal

<transcy>"Poesia" Tea Set</transcy>

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The "Poesia" Tea Set includes:

  • One can (112g) of organic Assam Black Tea, locally produced
  • One can (112g) of organic Sencha Green Tea, locally produced
  • Two ceramic cups with a cork base, in white by the brand Alma Gémea

Use this complete set to enjoy your favorite infusion or to give to someone special - this set is 100% made in Portugal.

Sencha Green Tea* creates an extremely aromatic infusion, intense and persistent on the palate. Ideal for strong green tea lovers.

Assam Black Tea*, bright golden, intensely aromatic, fills the mouth with a malty flavor, accentuated by toasted caramel notes and a sweet and persistent finish .

Both infusions are produced locally in Northern Portugal and have an organic farming certificate.

*Contains caffeine.

Dimensions:  112g /4 oz. aluminum can, height = 4.5cm; diameter = 6cm.

The brand Alma Gémea arose from the partnership between Matceramica and Amorim Cork Composites, internationally recognized for their high quality ceramics and cork, both produced in Portugal. The combination of ceramic and cork invokes the artisanal tradition of these materials, and combines it with a modern, minimalist and original design.

Dimensions: white glazed ceramic cup with cork base, height = 8cm; diameter = 8cm.


Shipping Dimensions: 10cm x 20cm x 20cm (height x length x width)