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Loyal Portucal

<transcy>"Musa" Infusions Set</transcy>

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The "Musa" infusions set includes:

  • One ​​can (112g) of organic Assam Black Tea, locally produced
  • One ​​can (112g) of organic Sencha Green Tea, locally produced

Sencha Green Tea* creates an extremely aromatic infusion, intense and persistent on the palate. Ideal for strong green tea lovers.

Assam Black Tea*, bright golden, intensely aromatic, fills the mouth with a malty flavor, accentuated by toasted caramel notes and a sweet and persistent finish .

Both teas are locally produced in Northern Portugal and have an organic farming certificate.

*Contains caffeine.

Dimensions:  112g /4 oz. aluminum can, height = 4.5cm; diameter = 6cm.


Shipping Dimensions: 5cm x 14cm x 8cm (height x length x width)